“Please get me out”

I am having a late breakfast, as we had been up at 3am to meet up with the neighbouring Police force to help them with execution of warrants.

For us this can be very interesting, as all jobs are different on this occasion we had the usual — board up doors, repair locks on the front doors and replace the glass on the door. These repairs are required after the Police have used their special hammer to open doors.

We are just finishing up when a distraught lady runs up to us crying out, “My mother is lying on the floor. I can see her through the window. I can’t get in. I have left my keys in my husband’s car.”

Frantically, whilst we run across to the house, I am scanning the best way to get in. I hear someone shout “STOP!” I turn and see Jim discouraging a young Police Officer from using the Police hammer on the back door.

“We can get in without using that” he calls over. “Give us two minutes and we’ll have you in.” Having spotted what Jim had noticed about the lock on the back door, I run back to our van, grabbing the tools he will need to pick the lock. Slightly out of breath, I run back to the house and handing Jim the tools, we begin our usual competitions on how quickly we can open doors without causing any damage.

On this occasion drinks are on me because he only takes 60 seconds and the front door swings open! Luckily, at the same time the ambulance arrives. With the mother safely in the ambulance and a big thank you from her daughter we are ready to go for breakfast.

So, now you know why we are having a late breakfast!

“Can you get some shopping for me on your travels today?” my wife asks.

“If you give me the list I will get the shopping.” I tell her as my second cup of tea slides nicely down my throat. I do like my tea!

The ring of the telephone brings me out of my little daydream I can hear my wife talking on the telephone she rushes back into the room “You are needed urgently at Kingston School. A girls’ head is stuck in a door glass.” I do not waste any time and I am out of the house in the van and at the school within 10 minutes. I am met by the leading fire officer who puts me in the picture.

“We have a 14 year old girl with her head half in and half out of the bottom glass panel on a corridor door. A doctor and medics need the glass left as it is on the girl but because of the wire reinforcement in the glass we cannot cut her out and we cannot see how to free the glass from the frame. This is where you come in!”

I follow the fire officer to the door and see how the glass is fitted. I run back and get the tools I need and run back to the door. “Please be as gentle as you can.” the Doctor says to me as I kneel down. I reassure the girl by talking to her,

“Hi my name is Mick. I will soon have you out and on your way to hospital.” She tells me her name is Sally. Everyone is ready holding the girl so that she is supported when I release the glass.

As I am about to start Sally’s shaky voice speaks to me, “Please get me out!” “I will have you out and on your way,” I tell her. “Is everybody ready?” I call as I insert the specialised tool to release the glass.

Sally is taken to hospital with the glass attached to her head. She had an emergency 6-hour operation to remove it and had to have outpatient treatment for the next 6 months but luckily made a full recovery. After Sally’s accident the new doors were removed and you can see why they are not used in schools now.

I received a lovely letter from Sally and her family thanking me for what I did. I have to admit it was nice to hear how she had got on as often you don’t always find out what happens after a job.



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Mick Edwards

Mick Edwards


Glazier. Builder. Proud Scouter, husband and father. Doer of things. Owner of the oldest mobile number in the UK (according to Vodafone)!